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Straight from Chicago or Straight from the Go?

Violence is probably the first thing that people associate Chicago with. It's a reputation that Chicago upholds but it's not a pretty one. Raven Smith is here to challenge this perspective on Chicago through her movement and apparel, Straight from the Go. Her t-shirts are inspired by the Chicago flag and her slogan is a play on the word Chicago or The Go.

While Straight from the Go is a business, it's also a movement that has a powerful message. Portions of the sales goes towards supporting anti-violent causes and the 100th Club of Chicago. Smith's aim is to prove to people that there's still a safe community within Chicago where residents can live in peace and harmony. This is a movement that has attracted many people including victims of violence, first responders, etc. There's a powerful message here that encourages people to stand for positive change.

If you're interested in the business and movement, you can contact them on

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